Sneak Peek At The New BMW i8 Reveals A Stunningly Sleek And Sophisticated Design

After years off the market, the BMW i8 is coming back with a bang. Industry insiders and enthusiasts just got a sneak peek and are buzzing over the new design.

BMW 1-8

BMW i8 – BMW of Reading

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get ready for the biggest reveal of the Fall season: the BMW i8. A few lucky insiders and dedicated fans may have seen leaked photos online, and all of us have been watching the official teaser videos straight from the manufacturer. The car features a sleek and sexy silhouette, attractive gullwing doors, and impressively conservative energy consumption, so it’s no surprise that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

A car in this BMW series was last seen in 1999, so fans of the old design will be pleasantly surprised to see modern features that are sure to make it stand out on the lot. It’s a plug-in hybrid that gets up to 22 miles on a single charge. Speeds of 95 mph can be reached in the electric-only mode. Those who are looking for a little extra gasoline-fueled power will like knowing that they can get from zero to 60 in just 4.5 seconds, thanks to the car’s 362 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. When tapping into its fuel sources, the car can get up to a cool 155 mph without breaking a sweat.

The interior of the car is equally appealing, with a highly developed infotainment panel taking center stage. Beautiful design details, such as branded blue color darts, really pop in the company’s signature gray and black color palette. The new BMW i8 makes its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, so get ready for tons of official pictures and reviews in the coming weeks.

BMW Bests The Competition Again In Latest Report

BMW 335i

BMW of Reading 3-Series

BMW is known as one of the greatest luxury sports car brands. Check out these findings from the latest Motortrend test drive to see why this is truer than ever.

We get asked all the time at our BMW dealership about what sets BMW apart from the competition. Everyone who’s ever been behind the wheel of one of these impressive machines has seen and felt the difference for themselves, but there are also plenty of reviews from non-partisan trade publications that back up the facts about our luxury car brand. The latest comes to us from Motortrend, which put the 335i xDrive against 4 other vehicles in the midsize sedan premium category.

It’s no surprise to us that the BMW comes out on top in multiple categories and ties one competitor in the performance category, skyrocketing from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. That ought to be enough to satisfy just about anyone’s inner-speed demon. The 335i xDrive blew away the competition in efficiency and value, which equals more long-term costs savings for owners. Highway mileage for the car is listed at 30 mpg and in-city mileage is rated at 20 mpg. The cockpit/cabin category is another winner for the vehicle, with it’s comfortable seating and luxurious interior called out. All in all, the car is named “the all-around best vehicle money can buy in that class.” Now, that’s impressive!

If you’re interested in reading more about the road test and results, check out this article for yourself. Want to take a BMW for a spin? Visit today to schedule your test drive!

2014 BMW i3 : Electric Car “BMW of Reading”










The 2014 BMW i3 electric will be arriving at BMW of Reading in mid 2014.  The BMW i3 concept is very different from the traditional BMW styling and engineering.  The BMW design has been developed specifically for electric vehicles.  The passenger compartment is formed from carbon-fiber allowing for a spacious feel to the interior.  The BMW i3 utilizes sustainable materials from proven quality sources.  The exterior aerodynamic design is a visual and black banding style plus large wheels give a dynamic visual statement while driving and parked in your driveway.

The proven sustainable design and materials in the BMW-i3 is perfect for urban areas and large metro cities.  The i3 releases zero emissions in keeping with the concept of a sustanable future of vehicle travel.  The carbon fibre in the BMWi3 is 50% lighter than steel & 30% lighter than aluminum allowing the structure of the BMW I to accommodate the weight of the hi-voltage lithium-ion batteries.  An invaluable  benefit from the carbon-fiber is the high-tensile strength resulting in greatly enhance safety environment for passengers.
BMW’s LifeDrive architecture is specifically engineered for custom electric cars.


All new BMW-i3 available mid 2014 at BMW of Reading

Two units: the Life module made of carbon-fibre for passenger area and Drive module houses the suspension and drive mechanics.  Unlike previous cars the BMW – i3 has no center drive tunnel giving more space to passengers and cargo.  The LifeDrive carbon fibre system compensates for the battery weight plus lower the center of gravity hence offering pure agility expected in any BMW.  BMW of Reading Pennsylvania will be offering BMW i3 test drives in mid 2014.

BMW’s 360° ELECTRIC system in the i-groups have a host of innovative services and products.  A daily pleasure driving experience from an easy home-charger as well as the expanding charging stations nation-wide.  The advantage of BMW i3 is that you can have a ‘full-tank’ any morning.  BMWi3 charges fast with a supplied charging cable and even faster with the BMW I Wallbox ssytem.  BMW I Wallbox Pure is an at home charging station for individual customers giving them to charge extremely fast, safe and simple.  This allows the car to achieve 80% capacity in less tha six hrs. (Time will vary based on local main system networks)

BMW eDrive is an innovative development for BMW in the area of BMW EfficientDynamics system technology.  An extremely agile electric motor incorporates high volt lithium-ion battery & energy system management.  An electric motor with 170 horse-power with 250 Nm torque is immediate available torque from a standing position. Providing the 2014 BMW-i3 with a tremendous amount of agility in any driving experience.  BMW i3 at “BWM of Reading” will accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in less the 4 secs. Plus up to 100km/h in 7.2 second.

All this a an virtual silent driving environment in a “BMW i3”.  BMW on sale now >>>

BMW Service – Reading the Instrument Panel Cluster

BMW Service: Reading The Instrument Panel

A BMW service reading on a dashboard and instrument panel, is the most efficient and effective way a car interacts with its driver. The status of the car is ever present providing quick notice to the driver of potentially serious mechanical or electrical problems. As the car advanced so did the dashboard which in the past used standard bulbs to the advanced use of efficient LED technology or fully digitized components. A service technician at

BMWs digital ‘head-up’ display projects the car’s speed, fuel usage, and tachometer details onto the windshield. The head-up technology was engineered by a German company. The instrument panel itself has evolved and grew as car manufacturer developed technology to monitor engine operation, safety and most of the cars equipment, from air-bags to washer and brake fluid levels. As your car communicates to you from the instrument panel these various lights keep track of your cars critical information that help to protect passengers, you as the driver and other drivers around you. So pay close attention to the BMW service reading.

There are a great number of instrument clusters created by the vast number of car manufacturers. Many of the same symbols are used by different car manufacturers. Some manufacturers have created their own style of symbols. That’s why we’ve decided to create a list of the commonest instrument panels used by different carmakers around the world, although it could be easily expanded to hundreds.

1. ABS warning light – lights up whenever there is a problem with the Anti-lock Brake System. Note the ABS symbol lights up for a few seconds when the driver starts the engine and then turns off
2. Low fuel light – turns on when the fuel level gets too low requiring more fuel.
3. Seat belt light – appears and will remain lit whenever the engine is on and a passenger or driver has not buckled their seatbelt. Some car makers also have an audio reminder.
4. Electrical problem light– this light will warn you in the event of an electrical issue in the car.
5. Brake system light alert – the light comes on if the ECU detects a brake system problem
6. Warning light – signals an undetermined problem with your car; this BMW service reading usually means your car requires service
7. Child seat light – will turn on if a standardized child safety seat is attached
8. Tire pressure light – this warning is turned in the event of low tire pressure which could adversely effect fuel economy and driving stability
9. Air filter light– informs the driver that of a malfunction being detected at the compartment air filter
10. Front airbag light – monitors the front airbag, when it turns on it signals a problem with the airbag; professional assistance will most likely be required
11. Side airbag light – same warning as the front airbag but identifies the side airbag problem.
12. Child seat – this symbol informs the driver that there may be a problem with the rear-mounted child seat; similar to number 7 but used by different manufacturers


13. Fog beams light – activates and will remain on when the driver turns on fog beams
14. Windshield wash fluid light – appears when the windshield wipers are activated
15. Master lighting switch
16. Rear window defrost light turns on once the driver presses the rear window defroster button
17. Child seat warning light – like other child seat notifications, a warning for the driver indicating a child seat is installed incorrectly
18. Brake fluid malfunction light – not usually found on a dashboard, it will turn on when problem in the brake fluid system
19. Battery warning light– when this light turns on while driving, it is an indication of a battery charging system
20. Child safety lock light- when lit the child safety lock is activated
21. Emergency light indicator – turns on when the driver pushes the emergency flasher button
22. Cruise control light — if the cruise control system is activated; note this symbol can be different for various makes and model cars
23. Windshield defrost light – like rear window defrost but indicating windshield
24. Powertrain malfunction light– when lit this means the powertrain is damaged this BMW service reading means the car needs immediate service.
25. Slip indicator light – mainly in luxury cars, the slip indicator light alerts that the car may lose grip due to poor driving conditions
26. Open doors light – lit after the driver starts the engine, it informs the driver that one or more doors may not be closed properly
27. Anti-theft system – on Ford models, this symbol flashes once the Securilock Anti-theft technology has been enabled
28. Electronic Throttle Control light – lit when the driver starts engine, indicates malfunction in the Electronic Throttle Control system
29. AWD – lights when the all-wheel drive system is engaged
30. ESP/BAS light – like the ABS light, installed to tell driver about any problem with the Electronic Stability Program technology
31. Overdrive indicator light– indicates when overdrive system has been turned off
32. Turn signals lights– activated once the driver changes direction by using the signal arm
33. Temperature warning light – will warn the driver when engine overheating occurs and usually requires the driver to stop the vehicle for a BMW service reading.
34. OBD Indicator – Onboard Diagnostics, light reveals a problem in the engine or to the gas emissions and requires the car to be serviced
35. High beam light – it is turned on when a driver engages the high beams of the headlights
36. Oil pressure warning light– turns on if the ECU detects a problem with the oil pressure; it requires that a BMW service reading be done.